Forbrich & Associates, LLC is a full service IT company focused on providing its customers with better access, better service, and better technology. Novellion is proud to contract with the Forbrich team for design and web services.

Forbrich & Associates style

Branding & Identity

Old school

While Forbrich & Associates, LLC deals with cutting edge technologies, their values are soundly grounded in the traditional. The use of minimalist design techniques insures their design remains crisp and timeless. The use of a slab-serif font for communications reminds customers of their traditional values.


Printed Materials

Black and white

Printed materials for Forbrich & Associates, LLC have been designed to have impact and to allow for clear communication. High quality materials such as heavy, duplexed papers and special techniques including tone on tone foiling make their materials 'pop' without being 'loud'.

Forbrich & Associates print package
Forbrich & Associates art

Original Art

without being black and white

To maintain the black and white color scheme, but still express the personality of the team at Forbrich & Associates, LLC, original art employs a familiar theme: the chalkboard. This familiar theme provides a personal touch to websites, printed ads, and greeting cards. The theme expresses a familiar and personal touch, not unlike a handshake.