Prev is a resource for individuals and communities looking for their place in history. It is a website where items of local history are published on a regular basis and is available at no cost to the public. Novellion is proud to be a part of this Texas treasure.

Lost Texas Roads style

Branding & Identity

A look from the 90s . . . the 1890s

Lost Texas Roads is a website dedicated to the history of Texas east of Bexar county.  An earthen palette was selected that mirrors the environment of the area.  Fonts and art were selected that supported the theme, and maximized readability.  The logo font was inspired by type that was fashionable in the late 1800s and the site's seal is unmistakably Texas.


Printed Materials

Techniques from another time

Printed materials designed for Lost Texas Roads have been designed to mirror the combination of old and new found on the website.  The process was started with hand drawn illustrations and the finished product has the character of an inked engraving.  Foiled accents add a modern touch.

Lost Texas Roads printed card
Lost Texas Roads art

Original Art

Engaging Imaginations

Lost Texas Roads is a collection of compelling narratives, and it is critical that the accompanying art contributes to the stories in a meaningful way.  Copyrights concerns and a lack of contemporaneous images create the need for original art.  By using design elements from public records mixed with modern design techniques a considerable body of art has been created to engage audiences.

Integrated Services

Novellion is pleased to provide Lost Texas Roads with a number of ongoing support services. Below is a selection of services that enables manage its ever growing traffic.

Search Engine Optimization
The site has been enhanced to maximize organic search results.
Newsletter Generation and Transmittal
An integrated newsletter solution has been built into the site.
GIS Integration
GIS data has been made publicly available through keyhole markup.
Backup Management
Offsite and redundant backups are made and tested regularly.
Powerpoint Creation
Presentations share the themes and styles set by the website.
Map Creation
Original maps are created to simply and clearly support the narratives.
We provide hosting on Linux servers for a stable experience with > 99.9% uptime.
Manuals have been created to empower the historians.
Real-time Analytics
Instantaneous tracking and automatic reports help authors better understand their audience.