The MZ Foundation is a charitable organization that raises and distributes funds for scholarships to deserving high school and college students throughout the area. Novellion is proud to provide design and web solutions to this great cause.

MZ security


No surprises

Novellion built an integrated booking system that recorded participant and sponsor bookings, while keeping sensitive data off of the site.  The entire system was built in a parallel sandbox eliminating surprises, and ensuring reliability from the first booking to the last.


Responsive Design

Ready when you are

New sponsors, changes in event details, or selling through tee times means that the website needs to reflect a changing set of facts.  Being able to make design changes quickly, as they arose meant that managers could focus on the event.

Responsive Design
MZ backend

Tailored Backend

Empowering the event team

By tailoring the back-end of the website, event managers were able to access the information they needed "on demand", with minimal technical support or a steep learning curve.

Robust booking and event management solution

The MZ Foundation needed more than just a great looking website. They came to us with a specific set of needs. We built a solution that met those needs and helped insure the drive made it to the green.

Sandbox Development
All payment systems were tested on a live sandbox server to insure that there would be no surprises.
Data Interchange
Only necessary data was exchanged between the website and payment hub, allowing bookings to be tracked and payments to be logged without ever maintaining sensitive data on an insecure network.
Administration Role Granularity
Administrative access was customized to allow access to areas as required.
Detailed instructional manuals were generated to empower event managers.
Backup Management
Routine, offsite backups as well as administrator backups insured that the site was ready - rain or shine.
Real-time Tracking
Timely data collection prevented overbooking when sponsorships and tee times sold.
Automated Reservation and Sponsorship Processing
The system actively monitored and corresponded with participants and event managers.
Data Collection
The system collected, sorted, and generated as needed exports of data.
Error Detection
Bookings were automatically checked as they were created so errors could be fixed on the spot.