Having worked with members of the community of Saint Hedwig for over a decade, we are thrilled to have been commissioned to create the city's seal. The community has asked for a classic symbol that reflects its deep history and proud traditions. We are combining hand wrought art with vector graphics to create a symbol that would be as meaningful to the community's Silesian founders as it will be to the growing city's newest families.

Saint Hedwig Sketch

Something Old

Old techniques are still the best

Design starts, as it has for decades, by putting pencil to paper – turning imagination into reality. This is where an idea becomes a sketch.


Something New

Precision, Vector Graphics

Creating computerized vector art makes the end product useful in any number of applications. This is where a sketch becomes a layout.

Saint Hedwig Vector Art
Saint Hedwig art

Adding Detail

Back to the Drawing Board

Once the layout is finalized, the design gets inked and additional levels of detail are added. This is where the layout becomes a piece of art.

Mind the Gap

Attention to Detail is Key

Once the art is digitized, it is time to fine-tune the design. From adjusting the space between individual letters, to tweaking alignment, to color matching, this detail work polishes the art into a finished product.

Saint Hedwig Kerning

Watch This Space

We have drawn inspiration from Saint Hedwig's local history and the Silesian settlers who founded the city in 1855. From the antique crests bearing the Silesian eagle, to the Texas Lone Star, cattle culture, and the thorny Honey Mesquite and hardy Post Oak there is no shortage of source material. We have combined old with new, both in our inspiration and technique to generate a series of seals. We are really excited to learn what the community chooses. When they do, we will post it here.